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Janda Industries Inc.

Janda Industries Inc. is a privately owned Canadian development company with sophisticated international background. Founded in 1990 we have been providing our services for 25 years and we are ready to take up new challenges throughout the industry.

Over the years, Janda Industries Inc. has specialized in highly complex residential building sites which demand innovative approaches in order to be successful. Pioneering systems such as the Janda-Busse Treatment System help us to develop land in environmentally sensitive areas. Access to intelligent techologies such as European engineered Home Automation Systems make the difference when working with Janda.

With its affiliated companies around the globe, Janda’s management team has a 40 year history of successful development with projects ranging from $5 million to $150 million. Offering services including development, asset- and property management and the sale to institutional investors or/and users, Janda Industries Inc. and its affiliates cover all services the real estate life-cycle demands.

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