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Janda Industries Inc. works together with pioneering and highly skilled architects, engineers and sub-contractors in order to deliver the best product money can buy. Janda challenges every person involved in a development process to achieve the best results for customers of Janda’s homes.

The following pages will give you a brief overview of how Janda is transforming a theoretical project into a realistic piece of real estate – your new home!

Janda’s executives have a 40 year history of developing multifamily houses and apartment complexes. The complexity grows with the size of the projects as houses have to be planned for numerous families and uses. A well designed multifamily house „feels“ easy and logical. Common areas should be well planned, thought-through and ample. As a property manager, Janda has vast experience in managing multifamily complexes and knows how much more „manageable“ a well designed and well built multifamily complex is.

Rely on Janda’s experience for your multifamily development!

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