Small Scale Sewage Treatment Systems

Janda Busse Treatment Systems

Janda Busse Treatment Systems is  the exclusive distributor of new, innovative, high-tech and state-of-the-art sewage treatment systems in Canada. Janda Busse Treatment Systems pools an extremely high level of expertise in the field of waste water management.

The development, planning and production of these cutting edge systems has a background of sophisticated European engineering for more than 25 years. Besides the “plug-and-play” package plants, Janda Busse’s engineers have also developed custom solutions for a wide range of sewage disposal challenges.

The treated water (effluent) of all Janda Busse systems can either be re-used (for irrigation, toilet flushing, car washing etc.), discharged to a septic field or to bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes or oceans WITHOUT pollution. *)

*) subject to approvals from local authorities, such as Ministry of Environment of Canada, Ministry of Health of Canada and / or others.

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